The Way Forward With Advanced Wood Pellets

Energy and how we use it will be one of our future’s greatest challenges. Smarter solutions are needed but luckily more things are happening than we might expect. For instance, in Norway in 2005 the company

Arbaflame AS was founded. They have patented a unique technology that produces biocoal pellets which can be used for replacing ordinary coal at coal-fired power plants.

Benefits of Abracore Wood Pellets

No matter what you call them there are several benefits to made by working actively with an improved manufacturing of energy. There are certain proven perks with using Arbacore (AWP) instead of using white pellets. Since Arbacore is water resistant it is easier to transport and the same goes for storage. The dust explosion risk is significantly lower since the product is supposed to be dust free. You get the same energy content as with white pellets but 40 % lower volume, which also means that your handling and transport costs will be lower. When it comes to Arbacore versus coal the energy value is basically the same, you can use the same equipment but the CO2 emissions are reduced by 100 %. You should be able to use the same equipment and processes as with coal with minor modifications.
Abracore seems to promise a brighter future with advanced wood pellets